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Cross Training and Circuit Training Fitness System for Women

This is a Fitness System that works and will show fast results. Workout Routine For Women, Lets get ready to workout. This workout routine will help you tone muscle and burn calories. Cross training is a great program to incorporate into your regular day to day training schedule.  These kind of workouts  give your body something completely different from what it’s accustomed to.  If  done it right, at the end of the session, you should  take the time  to eat, rest and recover.

Workout Summery/Women’s Fitness System

  • Main Goal              Loss Fat/Tone Muscle
  • Workout Type       Full Body
  • Training Level       Multilevel
  • Days per Week      3
  • Equipment             No Equipment Exercise
  • Target Gender       Male/Female

No equipment exercise chart ,You can use a chart like this one to create a different fitness system for each workout .   Cross Training and circuit training combines several  workouts that work the whole body. In this workout you will complete 10 reps of each 5 workouts , After completion you will jog for 1/4 mile and then rest for 60 seconds. You will then repeat steps for 2 to 4 circuits  read further for step-by-step Instructions.


Women’s Fitness System , Cross Training and Circuit Training

Warm Up/Jog 1 Mile

It’s not a good idea to stretch cold muscle, stretching before you warm up causes your muscles to tighten and can increase chances of injury.    So to begin our warm up we will start with a 1 mile jog to get your heart rate up and to warm up your muscles and body. You can learn more about stretching and breathing on our women’s stretching page by clicking here, Women’s Stretching.

Time to complete warm up, 12 to 15 min beginners, 8 to 10 min advanced.


Part 1 of circuit , Push Ups


Workouts Cross training

Push-ups, lose those unwanted flabby arms. This is the first exercise of our circuit, you will complete 10 total reps. If you are lacking arm strength there are 2 ways you can approach your push-ups. Keep back straight cross your feet and lift on your knees. Make sure when you are in motion you continue to breath in your nose and out of your mouth.

Part 2 of Circuit Air Squats

Air Squats, Here again we will complete 10 reps air squats. Stand tall with back straight then squat like you would site down in a chair. Head and eyes looking forward not down. After completion of 10 reps move to next exercise. Its OK to pace yourself its most important to make sure you are doing these exercises correctly speed will come with time.

Part 3 of Circuit Bur pies

Cross traing for woman

Women's Fitness And training

Bur-pies, You will complete 10 full bur-pies , Start by standing straight up . You will then fall to the ground kicking your legs out behind you into push-up position. Then spring your knees in the front of your chest and finish by jumping straight up as high as you can. This exercise is an explosive strength building and fat burning cycle.  After completion move on to step 4 no break. You can pace yourself make sure your doing it right for fast results.

Part 4 of Circuit Sit-ups

Cross training

Cross Training for Women

Sit-ups, Lay down flat on workout mat or ground. Position arms behind head. Lift the rest of your body up and continue for 10 reps. If you find that you’re hurting your lower back I recommend using as back support that is made for push-ups. Tighten abdomen in between reps to get a lean and tight mid section.

Part 5 of Circuit Lunges


Cross Training

Women's Cross Training

Lunges, Stand with your feet together, try to stay looking forward and hold good posture. Step with one foot in front of you and then drop the other knee until it almost touches the ground. Stand back up straight in good posture  and then lead with the other leg. Continue for 10 reps.

Part 6 Run or Jog 1/4 mile or Lap

After you have completed your 50 reps. 10 Push-ups, 10 Air Squats, 10 Bur pies, 10 Sit-ups and 10 Lunges. You will finish your 1st circuit with a ¼ mile run or jog. After all steps are completed you can take a 60 second rest and then repeat circuit again .Depending on how fit you are its best to start out with 2 full circuits. As you progress you can try 3 to 4 full circuit workouts.

Cool Down and Stretch

Women's Cross training

Women's Stretching

Now its time to cool down and stretch . Follow this chart to help with basic stretching . You can continue to learn more about stretching and breathing by clicking here, Women’s stretching