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We have moved to CrossFit Training Valley.
CrossFit Training Valley
1001 Springwood Dr, Unit 5
Gibsonville, NC
Phone (336) 675-1363




For Burlington’s Premier CrossFit Gym, be sure to check out CrossFit Simplicity’s website here

Burlington Cross Training offers cross training workout routines and mixed martial arts (MMA) workout routines using a variety of strength and conditioning workouts. We implement a variety of cross training techniques involving the use of kettlebells, olympic weight lifting, body-weight movements, medicine balls, box jumps, and nutrition consultations. We also implement a variety of mixed martial arts training strength and conditioning training techniques used by top mixed martial arts fighters such as jiu jitsu drills, muay thai clinch and knee strikes, wrestling takedown drills and many other martial arts techniques. Burlington, NC CrossFit Training Valley

EVERYONE in Burlington, NC or surrounding areas can participate in our cross training and mixed martial arts workouts because our routines can be adaptive to your current fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, Burlington Cross Training of Burlington, NC can design a custom workout for you. Contact our training facility in Burlington, NC today to learn more by speaking to one of our knowledgeable and professional Cross Training instructors. We can help you achieve your fitness goals by using the same techniques used to top athletes around the world.



Cross Training Video:

Ryan doing cross training workout with sledge hammer on the tires

We use any and all of the following strength and conditioning techniques:

  • Jump ropes
  • Striking drills
  • Takedown drills
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu drills
  • Muay thai drills
  • Wrestling drills
  • Tire flips
  • Body-weight movements
  • Box jumps
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Kettlebells
  • and many other cross training and MMA techniques

Cross Training Video:

Instructor Brandon cross training doing tire jumps with 2 tires

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