Burlington Cross Training offers conditioning/endurance training workout routines to Burlington, NC and surrounding areas.

What is Conditioning/Endurance Training Workout Routines?
Burlington, NC conditioning and endurance training workoutsConditioning and endurance training is simply working your body through training exercises which causes your body to be able to push harder and harder each time you workout. Burlington Cross Training of Burlington, NC uses a variety of conditioning and endurance training workout routines which help your body increase in conditioning and endurance with each workout. Our cross training methods have been time tested to get you in the best shape of your life. We implement the same conditioning and endurance methods used by top athletes and mixed martial artists around the world.

How are the Conditioning and Endurance Training Workouts Conducted?
Burlington Cross Training of Burlington, NC conducts our conditioning training workouts with one thought in mind – conditioning your body each and every workout. The key to proper conditioning is pushing your body each and every workout and then getting the proper rest for your body to recover. When starting a new conditioning and endurance workout, it is recommended to begin 3 days per week for the first 2 months and then progress to 4 or 5 days if you body is ready. For each conditioning workout we conduct at our Burlington, NC location, we will push your body a little more each time. Gaining true endurance is not about being able to train for a minute or two, but about training your body to have the conditioning and endurance to train or fight for extended periods of time. We help you build real-world functional conditioning and endurance. We will use a variety of conditioning and endurance methods to help you increase your endurance such as: tire flips, kettlebells, pull ups, sprints, olympic weights, box jumps, ball slams, hitting and kicking pads, working martial arts techniques, the sledge hammer, and much more.

Who Can Participate in Your Conditioning and Endurance Training Programs?
The best thing about our conditioning training workouts is that anyone can participate. It does not matter if you have never participated in an endurance training program before, our knowledgeable instructors conduct a conditioning assessment and then design a program to fit your needs. We see conditioning and endurance results from both males and females, younger and older people. Contact us today at our Burlington, NC location for a free endurance assessment and workout.

Areas We Provide Conditioning and Endurance Training Workout Routines To:
We provide strength training workouts to Burlington, Elon, Gibsonville, Glen Raven, Graham, Glencoe, Mebane, Swepsonville, Haw River, Bellmont and surrounding areas of NC. Contact us today for more information on our strength and conditioning programs.



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