New Secret Ab Technique That Builds Hard Core Abs With Just 10 Minutes A Day.

It’s time to start working your core. Your core is what stabilizes you body and helps to  increase strength.   With just 10 minutes a day you can get  rid of that lazy stomach and build hard tight abs. Whats the secret to this Ab exercise you ask ? Most ab workouts are rep based meaning you do as many reps as you can. In this workout you do less reps but you focus on tightening and holding your core.

Plank AB Stabilizer.

Abs In 10 Minutes

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Plank ab workout, This workout will build a hard core  tight abs . I know this doesn’t look like a hard core ab workout but wait till you see the results. We start out with this exercise because it warms up and tightens the core . Make sure your body is straight and you are positioned on your toes and elbows. The goal is to see how long you can hold yourself up. Make sure you tighten the mid section by contracting and holding your abs as tight as you can.

Challenge yourself , You can make this plank  ab workout more challenging by levitating your legs on a chair or workout ball. You can also Turn to your side and hold with one elbow and the side of your feet.

Leg Ups Ab Workout.

10 Minute AB Workout

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Leg Ups Ab Workout, There are two ways will do this ab workout.

  • 1,Lay flat on back and position arms behind the head. Lift your legs up with knees  bent in. Lift your butt and hold  Crunch tight abs and hold for 30 seconds . Repeat for 5 reps.
  • 2,Lay flat and position arms behind head . Lift legs straight up and hold for 5 seconds repeat for 10 reps.

Ball Crunches

Abs in 10 mintes

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Ball Crunches, If you do not have a workout ball you can use a chair or something higher of the ground to elevate your legs. Here again we are are going to focus on holding the crunch for  10 seconds and then releasing. Continue this for 5 reps.

Knee To Elbow Crunch.

Total Ab workout

10 minute Ab Workout








In this ab exercise law down in crunch position  and elevate legs. Switch from each leg by touching knee to elbow . Hold crunch for 5 10 seconds and then repeat for 5 reps.

The key to 10 minute abs is to hold the crunch and tighten the mid section for at least 10 seconds. Try to do these ab workouts at least 4 times a week .   If you really want to get ripped abs dieting is 70% and exercise is the other 30%.  You should try  to eat healthy fat burning foods like nuts eggs,  fruits and vegetables.