Women’s Fitness Success Tips. So you can Say……I Did It.

There are amazing  weight loss success stories that are posted all over the internet . These articles are motivational stories about  men and woman  who were ready to move on with there lives.   One of the most amazing stories that I read was about a man who had lost 1000 pounds. Manual Uribe, is his name and was known as the worlds most heaviest man. He lost the  largest percentage  of his  weight from just  dieting alone.  I can only imagine the obstacles he had to face to make that big of a change for his life.

So what can we all learn from Manual Uribe story. If he can do it I can do it. What It’s all comes down to is  how bad do  you want it?  Is your happiness worth the time and  dedication. Maybe its time to change your life’s direction and get of the love seat in the middle of the road. I hope you are ready to get started .  I will be  glad to offer my hand  in the steps that can  help lead to your success because  I DID IT.

Tools For Success

  • Drive
  • Determination
  • Will Power
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation

The secret of getting ahead is getting started and when you get started you must dedicate yourself 100% to be success.

Goals, Threw the years our lives becomes filled with bad habits. We get comfortable some of us get lazy or just plain tired. So how do we get out of this slum and access our tools for success?  Well to break this chain we need to set goals. Our goals should be top priority in our lives. Goals are dreams that we are working to obtain.Your goal should be posted in your mind and  thought about daily. Write it down and create a goal achievement calender. Lets say our goal is to loss 60 lbs . Create your calendar so that you have an I Did it finish date this is giving you a dead line. So our goal is 60 lbs and you want to loss this in 3 months i/did/it date . So if you lose 5 lbs a week you have lost 60 lbs in 3 months. Lets keep going .

Support, If you have friends and love ones who would like to see you succeed then start a support team. This will help you stay motivated  and inspired. Lets say you do not have the ability to call on a support team. Then find one There are many people that are looking for the same thing that you are . So research ways to reach them.  You might find a really good friend in the end. You can start building your support team by making a list of potential team members for your journey.  Friends , Family , Neighbors ect.  The next step is to contact them and explain what you are doing and how they can help.Once you have your team assembled plan a weekly conference to disuse the struggles and challenges that you are going threw. Then conclude your talk with ways they can help you over come  the struggles  and complete your goal. Make sure you express to them that your are grateful for there help.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Don’t stop now  you have set your goals and you have a support team on your side. , Now  its time to decide on a fitness workout plan  and a healthy eating system. Our goal is to lose  60 lbs in three months now its up to you to make it happen. The first point of action is eating healthy we cant lose weight unless we change our bad eating habits. This will require a real commitment to yourself and your team. The life style change will start now.

Dieting, Learning how to diet is not that hard , the challenging part is sticking to it. Sticking to requires planning  ahead this is key to dieting . Know your diet and purchase your food weekly . You can start by clicking here Dieting.


Talk To Your Doctor.

Make your Doctor apart of your support team . Talk to him/her and tell them your dieting plan . Your doctor can make sure that you are safe and not taking on too much. Everyone is different some people suffer from health problems  or physical challenges.